The use of glass cutter(Hits:) 
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The use of glass cutter
Fixed a good size with a ruler, hold a ruler, draw all the way down with a glass cutter along the ruler, note should be forced to feel the sound pierced the glass skin,
If you feel draw up quietly. Certainly not to the intensity reclassified. After the designated finish line, has not been successful, the glass cutter mat in the glass, the glass against the table edge to put the knife in the glass mat is also at the table, facing the cut marks, with a good glove, safety, two palm respectively Hold down the traces of both sides, the average position of the glass edge, hands palm the same time force, to quickly, to be fast, not slowly driving force, hear, bang bang, immediately closing force to prevent the two separate glass straining to handle the table the pressure leading to rupture, call it a day, glass is very neat and beautiful. Finally, the glass polishing emery cloth polished edge, not too sharp rowers on the line.